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G-Cap YV Pte Ltd

126 Joo Seng Road #03-07 Gold Pine Industrial Building Singapore 368355

Tel: 6382-1229; Fax: 6382-0698;Email: ;URL:

                                                               Company Registration Number: 199507330W


Date: 29 December 2008.

To: All Dealers & Retailers

CC: All Users & Customers

Attn: To Whom It May Concern



Bogus Complaints, Untrue Feedback and False Remarks – Suspect by Jealous Competitors with evil intention, motive and scheme to damage Nippon-ink brand and reputation without any substantial proof, evidences and/or findings.


This notice is to reminder all Dealers, Retailers, End-Users and Customers as not to be mislead and/or misrepresent by such bogus complaint, feedback and remark. Feedback from Users and customer is a good way for supplier to improve their service, quality and product. Such negative feedback and remarks without logically proof and been passed around by petty personnel with evil intention, motive and scheme is not professional and unacceptable. Not surprise later another group come in to promote their brand of products in order to hide their true identity, intention and motive.


Nippon-ink Dealers’ feedback - Description of person that came to the store are:


1)      An old Chinese man, wearing spectacle with white hair, height around 1.7m, age around sixty plus use to wear either short or long sleeve with slack pant and shoe (Formally dress)

2)      Chinese man age around thirty plus, estimated height around 1.76 m, medium build, Flat face look like “Bull Dog”, use to wear T-shirt and jean pant.

3)      Work in team of two – early twenty plus, tend to feel nervous when challenge. Use to wear in a formal manner.


Incidents caused at the Dealers’ outlet are as follow:


1)      Case 1 - Box belong to Nippon-ink but inside the cartridge does not belong to Nippon-ink – Able to produce receipt of purchase, when challenge further, he tend to walk away. If dealers did not challenge him he will start a commotion and make a lot of noise and challenge the dealers, some even claim to be somebody that held certain high position.


Note: All Nippon-ink cartridges have Nippon-ink label on it.


2)      Case 2 - Nippon-ink cartridge been tamped and/or damaged – claim that it purchase original in such condition. Unable to produce receipt of purchase by giving excuses that he has thrown away or lose it. Tend to raise his voice to cause a commotion especially when there is a crowd (Done in purpose) that he is very frustrated and want to settle it immediately due to urgent requirement to print documents etc.


Dealer’s Action – Be firm and steadfast; if customer tends to be “Nuisance”, use your CCTV and/or hand phone to take his picture and report to police for action. Not surprise he will quickly walk away quietly. Tell the customer to contact Nippon-ink directly and/or he has the right to complaint to CASE for action. Do not bend the rule and give in to customer demand. If necessary take down his Name, Contact, Address and Identity Card number before you replace or refund him for future reference in case of further incident.   


3)      Case 3 - Customer complaint that it cannot be fitted and/or unable to print etcCustomer must either give the Dealer and/or Nippon-ink on his or her contact number, address, printer model or cartridge number with receipt of purchase for verification. Nippon-ink will guide the user through telephone, email and/or fax, last resort to visit at site (Case by case basis). Genuine customer and User have no problem to provide the above information. While bogus customer refuses to provide such information and did not want Nippon-ink staff to verify on the causes. By claiming that they are “Not Free, Not Available, Nobody around at home, Urgent need and/or Security Reason etc (Bull-Shit).   


Note: Nippon-ink limited Warranty is on cartridge only not User’s printer problem.


4)      Case 4 - Did not purchase any Nippon-ink products but give a lot of negative remarks without showing any substantial proof and evidences – Only claim as User’s experience and through somebody or his or her friend feedback. Yet they refuse to give their name and contact number, Why? Base on dealer track record, those Customers and User purchase Nippon-ink products regularly did not has any complaint. In such situation can such remarks be true and accurate. If Yes, why the person tend to hide and shy away when challenge.


Note: Do not entertain those who refuse to give information and unable to show proof and evidence of the cause and/or incident.


5)      Case 5 - Might purchase one piece and within less than 5 minutes User comes back to complaint – Refuse to give particular information and insist for refund. Same excuses stated on item 3 above bolded in Green color.  


Location of incidents happened and affected in Singapore Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Bishan, Bukit Batok, Bukit Merah, Choa Chu Kang, Clementi, Hougang, Jurong, Kallang, Marine Parade, Pasir Ris, Tampines, Woodlands and Yishun. Most of the incident happen during Evening period, Weekend and/or on Public Holiday when Nippon-ink staff are not around and/or unavailable. In such case, dealer can call the sales personnel hand phone directly to prevent and minimize such bogus complaint.  


Nippon-ink advice Dealers to put on records the incident by CCTV and/or using their hand phone. If the customer is too much report to police directly and pass the police report to Nippon-ink. Nippon-ink’s lawyer will take over the case to sue the respective personnel if necessary. This is the only way to stop such nonsense.   


Appreciate your immediate attention, action, support, understanding and co-operation.


For and on behalf of the Company
Management of G-Cap YV Pte Ltd.     
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