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Nippon-ink Inkjet Cartridge | Ink Cartridge | Refill ink | Laser Toner | Drums
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  Nippon-ink Inkjet Cartridge & Ink Cartridge for use on Brother, Canon, Epson Printer Dell, HP, Lexmark, Samsung etc. Laser Toner & Drums As Well As Remanufactured Laser Toners for S
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G-Cap Eco Charger GX2000    Home > Cable Lock and Accessories
Retail Price : S$ 79.90
Price : S$ 59.90
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√ Offers both Solar & Electrical Charging
√ Portable
√ Lightweight
√ Torch Light (Built in)
√ Rechargeable
√ Reduce Energy Cost

For Use On:
Mobile & Smart phone
GPS / Tablets
Digital Camera
Bluetooth Headset
MP3 / MP4
Other USB Devices
Technical Specifications:
Battery Cell: Lithium Polymer Battery
Power Capacity: 2000 mAh
Charge Time:
> 12 Hours Solar
2-3 Hours AC Adapter
*Avoid fully depleting the battery that might affect the solar function - If affected, charge with power source for 5 to 15 seconds.
Limited Warranty: 7 Days from date of purchase
Brand : G-Cap
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