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FAQ for Refill Ink Kit Set




Q1) Why Nippon-ink Refill Kit is universal for all brands and models?


A1) The purpose of such development is to prevent high stock inventory and user will not make any mistake to purchase the wrong type i.e. peace of mind. Others using these opportunity to generate more sales by forcing dealers to keep stock and display more product ranges to attract customers. In return supplier promise dealers with higher commission.




Q2) When we refill some ink flow out from the nozzle?


A2) Ensure you do a quick simple test on your existing cartridge by wiping a tissue on the print head nozzle. If there is no ink flow it high chances that your print head already clog and block. Do not refill unless you are sure that the cartridge is in working condition. The purpose is to prevent ink wastage, loses and misunderstanding inclusive frustration.


Note: The cartridge is recycle and reuse from original condition whereas Nippon-ink supply ink solution therefore any damages, blockage and/or clog at the cartridge print head have nothing wrong and/or related on Nippon-ink solution.


Once confirm cartridge is in working condition, use tissue to cover the nozzle before taping it. Press the nozzle downward and insert the needle from the top (identify correct hole before insert). In doubt insert the needle into the hole and clean with tissue to confirm the color before pumping the ink. Pump the ink downward slowly from the syringe. Those cartridges that consist of sponge internally must ensure the ink is absorbs by the sponge otherwise excess ink will flow out from the nozzle directly. To prevent ink from flowing out tilts the cartridge to allow other area of the sponge to absorb the ink solution slowly before installing into the printer. Ensure you pump half tube for Black and 1/3 for Color. The purpose is to prevent overfill, overflow, spillage, messy, dirty and ink wastage.




Q3) What happen when the print head clog and block?


A3) For minor print head clog and blockage, it can remove by using Nippon-ink Cleaning solution. As for the cleaning instruction please refer to the manual procedure shown as attached on the Cleaning Kit Set and on the web.




Q4) Why other brand sell in bulk container that looks more attractive in cost saving?


A4) It looks like user has a good bargain. Be more practical and logic, how much ink you fill at one time? The maximum volume is 20 ml or less depends on the capacity of the cartridge.


Assume the bulk container consists of 100 ml, after usage of 20 ml there are balance of 80 ml. Assume you can refill 5 times but after second and third time refill you might encounter some crystallize residues and/or color changes. Why? Any chemical once expose to air start to mix and react depends on the type of chemical used and storage environmental condition. Thus it might affect the printing condition and quality. Eventually Nippon-ink packed in 20 ml tube so that once open you can refill immediately and whatever balance can be used within a short period of time. Did you manage to save base on bulk purchase? If Yes, How, When and Why?    




Q5) Why other supply with air extractor and other apparatus in order to pump the ink into the cartridge?


Nippon-ink syringe is already vacuum-packed by factory and seal with a rubber wax cap. Others are packed in normal plastic container or bottle. Once ink is transfer to syringe, air follow and both transferred into the cartridge. Since the nozzle is block before refill and the only hole exist is for refill. The ink will sink to the bottom due to gravity flow but the air will force the ink out from the same existing hole that spills all over, result in messy and dirty situation. To prevent such incident other supplier has to provide air extractor and other tool to support the refill system. This incurs higher cost on the Refill Kit Set and makes it more complicated. User needs to understand the learning curve whereas majority prefers to be easy, simple, user-friendliness and straightforward.  




Q6) Why Nippon-ink unable to supply the cartridge?


A6) The R & D unable to breakthrough the patent design as it takes time and resources to develop. Need to avoid any legal infringement and copyright issue on the cartridge. While selling Refill Ink Kit set is legalize and environmentally friendly that encourage user to save cost and to save the earth instead of use and throw (wastage).




Q7) Why the Black ink comes with Pigment and Dye base?


A7) Nippon-ink need to develop base on user request and demand. The Original Black ink comes with Pigment, Nippon-ink has to follow as each type has it own pros and cons. The cost for Pigment ink is higher than Dye ink. For more detail on the Difference between Pigment and Dye ink, please refer to Nippon-ink web.        




Q8) Why the Color ink is in dye base?


A8) As mentioned before that the Color with Dye base is more vibrant then pigment and the cost to develop pigment color is more expensive and costly. Even the Original is also using Dye base ink.




Q9) Will the Original printer manufacturer void the warranty for using Refill ink?


A9) As mentioned on the Nippon-ink web that no manufacturer can void the warranty for using compatible and/or refill ink unless otherwise proven that it damage the machine with supporting evidences to indicate the actual root cause instead of general statement. Under Anti-Competition Act 2004, Division 2 Section 34 – Prevention, Restriction and Distortion of Competition and Division 3 Section 47 – Prohibition of Abuse. In case the user is in Fear, Uncertainty and/or Doubt please check, clarify, verify and confirm with CASE, Ministry of Trade and Industries (MTI) and/or Competition Commission of Singapore (CCS) for a better answer and explanation. Nippon-ink unable to provide any legal advice.




Q10) Refill Ink will produce inferior print quality?


A10) It depends on supplier ink formula and material use. The print head has it shelf-life span and deteriorates due to wear and tear. Thus it will slightly affect the print quality but it stills fall within the acceptable and reasonable entry level. The main factors that cause the print quality are:

a)      Printer Brand and Specification – Type of model and brand due to different software application, functionality, technology, resolution setting and design of the machine.

b)      Paper Media Use – Different paper has different specification like the paper texture, alignment, thickness, absorption rate, background color, paper density, weight, size, chemical coating, raw material use etc. Like using normal paper, inkjet paper or glossy paper etc. each will produce different print quality under the same printer ink and picture except different paper quality.

c)      Print Resolution – The higher the resolution the print quality improve but the printing speed will reduce and more ink solution required. Example those picture download from Internet is around 360 dpi whereas for photograph printing the resolution requires around 1440 dpi and above. User might need to do their own setting manually inclusive the paper thickness setting.     

d)      Ink Solution & Formula – The type of Ink Solution mixture, color tone and formula do play a part. It depends on the ranges of color use. Example those with 6 or 8 color types of cartridges can produce better result then those with 4 color type. The picture taken is another issue, like for Human and faces it requires lighter color tone when compare with Objects and Scenery it prefers a slightly darker color tone.   




Disclaimer Clause: The above information is use for explanation purpose only. It should not be use as express and/or implied action from Nippon-ink. Whatever decision make, decided and action taken is solely (100%) the responsibility and full liability of the user at it own discretion that has nothing to do and/or related to Nippon-ink. All other Rights reserved.


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