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  Nippon-ink Inkjet Cartridge & Ink Cartridge for use on Brother, Canon, Epson Printer Dell, HP, Lexmark, Samsung etc. Laser Toner & Drums As Well As Remanufactured Laser Toners for S
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The Refill ink method and demonstration is for User to understand and DIY (Do-It-Yourself). The respective Original OEM Brands did not support, approved nor endorsed it. User is doing at his or her own risk and fully responsiblity (take ownership) for whatsoever decision and/or action taken. Nippon-ink supply the Ink Solution with accessories is bound by limited liability due to certain constraint, limitation and/or restriction beyond Nippon-ink control and boundary. All other Rights reserved.



Installation and Software Cleaning Procedure


Cartridge Installation Procedure to Printer


1)      Read the Nippon-ink instruction stated on the box and/or web information provided.

2)      Ensure correct cartridge purchased and agreed to accept Nippon-ink’s Terms and Conditions.

3)      Open the vacuum packed seal and remove the Yellow Label from the cartridge. Ensure the Bleeding hole is not cover by left over transparent tape from the Yellow label. If the tape is intact and cover the hole, please use a sharp pointer or tooth pick to poke through and/or remove it before installation otherwise ink will not flow to the Print Head.

4)      Once successfully installed there is a warning message stated example "The installed ink cartridge differ from the original EPSON ink cartridge for printer or this is not genuine Epson ink cartridge. Your printout may be different from those printed by using original EPSON ink cartridges. Do you want to continue using the currently installed ink cartridges?" From here whatsoever message shown or stated just click "YES" or “Continue”.

5)      First Time User – clean and charge the cartridge twice before printing. To purge out the old residue ink from the print head.

6)      For new cartridge replacement – Clean and charge the cartridge once before printing.

7)      The purpose of cleaning and charging the ink is to align the chemical ions and to purge out residue ink from the print head in case of any clog and blockage.


Software Cleaning and Nozzle Check Procedure


1)      Switch on your computer, till it appears on the standard window desktop.

2)      Load in the Printer Driver CD programs given during the purchase or directly download from Internet from the respective brand and model of the manufacturer’s web.

3)      If User is using Window Vista and your CD Copy might be XP version that might cause conflict. User need to download from the Manufacturer’s Web for the correct Vista version.

4)      From the standard Window program, Go to “Start”, locate “Control Panel” and “Printer” before clicking it. From here look for the correct printer model that you intend to use, by pointing at the icon and use right hand click from your mouse.

5)      Look for “Printing Preference” (Third item from the Column) for those using Window 2000, XP or Vista and click it. Those using old version like Window 98 and below – look for “Properties” located at the last item of the column.

6)      There are many other icon stated on top, look for “Main” (First Item) to show the Cartridge Ink Level information, ensure everything is in order. Once confirm, look for “Maintenance” (Last Item) and click it. Those old Window 98 version and below might either show “Maintenance” or “Utility”. 

7)      All the icons arrange vertically downward on the left hand side, like Nozzle Check, Cleaning (For Canon, it has Economical and Deep Cleaning), Alignment, Cartridge Replacement etc.

8)      For Canon type select “Deep Cleaning” other just click “Cleaning”. Thereafter click “Nozzle Check” by loading in the paper and click “Print”.

9)      Check the nozzle printing condition. Either it appear as “Dotted lines” or “Full Color lines”. Any missing lines found means that particular lines are clog and block. There is a picture shown on the screen to explain on the print condition for your reference and self-explanatory.

10)   If the print copy is unsatisfactory, proceed with another cleaning process and do another nozzle check print. Compare the 2 results.

11)   Assume after comparison the result still unsatisfactory but slightly better than the first copy. Be patient and cool, leave it overnight for one day before purging out the clog. The purpose is to let the Ink soak and loosen the clog before doing another Cleaning process.

12)   Do not clean continuously when it shows unsatisfactory result after the third tries. Since the clog is dried and harden it difficult to purge out the dirt.

13)   Assume after one day yet the result still shows unsatisfactory. Chances is that the print head is either badly clog by stubborn dirt and/or holes been fused together due to heat generated when the cartridge is empty without ink solution. It not economical to repair as the cost of repair is equivalent to purchasing a new printer.

14)   Once confirm the result is in working condition, you can proceed with the printing process.


User’s Preventive Measure and Periodic Maintenance


1)      Need to know and understand how the inkjet print works and it periodic maintenance. Like:

a)      Low Frequency User – at least once a month does a print head cleaning process.

b)      High Frequency User – Do a print head cleaning process after the last copy print. The purpose is to ensure dirt do not accumulate, stay and dried up result in blockage.

c)      Before Photo Printing Process – Check and clean print head till it in good working condition before actual printing. To prevent wastage, frustration and poor print quality.

d)      Environment and Location – Do not place printer under direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity and/or dusty and dirty area. The purpose is to prevent ink evaporation and/or print head clog by dirt.

e)      Do not leave Cartridge Holder empty or without any cartridge been installed – Once cartridge been removed for prolong period, the print head can dry due to expose condition therefore user must install and replace new cartridge immediately.

f)       Ink Consumption – Please switch off printer if not in use. When computer is switch on and off the printer will spray ink to wet the nozzle. Thus ink is consume when printer is “idle” and connected unless printer is in off position. The purpose is to prevent user’s complaint on faulty cartridge, like cartridge dried up very fast, empty cartridge, false alarm on ink level and/or less print copies (short change), poor quality etc.

g)      Input Ink Capacity – Equivalent to Original standard volume capacity without sponge unless those sponge type factory need to input more because average 50% (minimum 30%) been absorbed and hold back by the sponge as unusable residue ink. Since the ISO standard of Testing and Measurement is base on output print copies. 

h)      Vacuum Packed Cartridge – Do not open the package unless intend to use and install into printer. Once open ink will evaporate even when not in use. All vacuum packed cartridges can last for at least 2 years in cool environment condition. Whereas Nippon-ink limited warranty base on one year (12 months) from the date of purchase.

i)        Nippon-ink Label – All Nippon-ink cartridges had label on it. Once Nippon-ink label been removed and/or dispose off, warranty shall be void unless otherwise proven.


For more detail explanation please refer to “Why Inkjet Print Head Clog and Block?”.


Take note that the clog and blockage is cause by the dirt accumulated from the Paper Media. Once it mixed with the ink solution it tends to dry and hardens to form stubborn stain. Even when User 100% use original cartridge similar problem also encountered.


The Original claim to void the warranty when user use Nippon-ink’s Cartridge and/or Refill Ink is against the Anti-Competition Act 2004. For more detail information please refer to the web on “Original Claim to Void Warranty”.


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Disclaimer Clause: All brand name, logo, trademark, picture, part number, patent, design, copyright and technology belong the respective owners. It use for descriptive, illustrative, comparative and explanation purpose only. Nippon-ink is not genuine original cartridge and it does not belong, supported, related, associated, nor endorsed by any OEM Brands like Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Samsung etc. All other rights reserved.    







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