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Nippon-ink Inkjet Cartridge | Ink Cartridge | Refill ink | Laser Toner | Drums
 Nippon-ink Inkjet Cartridge | Ink Cartridge | Refill ink | Laser Toner | Drums Advanced Search
  Nippon-ink Inkjet Cartridge & Ink Cartridge for use on Brother, Canon, Epson Printer Dell, HP, Lexmark, Samsung etc. Laser Toner & Drums As Well As Remanufactured Laser Toners for S
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Refill Kit Set Explanation and Benefits

Nippon-ink consist of Universal Ink for use on HP, Lexmark, Canon and Brother printer model cartridges.


                          Refill ink Black and Color Kit Set                                       Refill Kit Set Accessories

Procedure on how to Refill the ink Cartridge.

  1. Ensure the cartridge print head is not dry and damage. Need to block the nozzle before refill, advisable to keep the original cap of the nozzle.
  2. Identify and locate the correct color holes and rim it with the screw provided if the hole is too small to insert the needle.
  3. In doubt, insert the needle to check the residue color in the chamber before refill.
  4. Remove rubber cap and insert needle and press downward (Vacuum packed). Ink will flow down while air will escape from the top as no pumping action been done.
  5. For Black pump about 10 ml (half tube) and for Color (Cyan, Magenta & Yellow) pump 6 to 7 ml (one third of tube). Do not overfill – result in spillage and overflow.
  6. Upon completion paste the sticker over the hole or seal with tape before installation.
  7. Clean Print head and check nozzle printout before mass printing.
  8. Original cartridge can recycle and refill 3 times (average), depend on the condition of the print head and your periodic simple maintenance procedure.
  9. Once damage you need to purchase new original cartridge.
  10. Simple Cartridge Test – Use tissue to wipe the print head, if 3 straight lines is form mean the head is okay otherwise it either clog, block and/or damage to the head.
  11. Ensure the print head nozzle is pointed downward at all time even upon removal.

Note: Check with Dealers and/or Nippon-ink web at on it brand, cartridge number and model to identify the correct color holes.


Advantages and Benefits – Comparison

Summary on the Key Benefits and Advantages

  1. All Syringes are vacuum packed by factory.
  2. Simple and Ease of Use – straightforward and less messy and/or dirty.
  3. Universal and convenient for all HP, Lexmark, Canon and Brother model.
  4. Peace of Mind and Free from error and mistake during purchase.
  5. Reasonable Packaging appearance with transparent Blister pack.
  6. Economical, Inexpensive and Environmental Friendliness.
  7. Easily Accessible and Available in all nearby housing estate.

Comparison between Nippon-ink and Other Competitors’ Brands of Refill Ink

Nippon-ink Refill Kit Set

Competitors’ Brands Refill Kit Set

1) All Syringes vacuum packed by factory

1) OEM Private Label and packed separately.

2) Proven – Syringe overturn (upside down) inside the package did not leak.

2) Packed in plastic bottles, need to ensure they are on the upright position.

3) Simple and Ease of Use – Remove rubber stopper, connect the needle and press the syringe downward.

3) Need to upload the ink from the bottle to syringe before you pump into the cartridge that might cause air bubbles generated.

4) Universal and Convenient – can be used for All HP, Lexmark, Canon and Brother Inkjet Printer Model.

4) Base on individual Brand and model that occupy more Shelf Space, Cost and Higher Stock Inventory.

5) Peace of Mind - Free from error and mistake during purchase.

5) Need to check and remember your printer brand and model to prevent error.

6) Packing Appearance – Transparent Blister pack with Accessories.

6) Paper Box or Plastic Box in bottles with syringe or ink only.

7) Economical, Cheap & Environmental Friendliness – Consist of 3 tubes for Black – Retail at $15; Consist of 3 tubes with Individual Color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) – Retail at $19.

7) Original Cartridge Retail range from $30 to $60 depends on brand and model. Other Refill ink Kit set retail at Black - $21 to $23; Color - $23 to $28. Those cheaper Kit Set consist of 2 or less tube per package.

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