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FAQ on Simple Troubleshooting Process



Q1) What should we do when the print head is clog?


A1) Use new cartridge to purge the clog, purpose is ink solvent soak into the clog print head to loosen and soften the residue. If the clog is minor, after one to two days period, it can be purge out unless major clog and/or nozzle material been fused together.


Q2) What happen when the cartridge cannot be detected or recognized?


A2) Cartridge cannot be detected can be caused by other factors (23 reasons) like:


   1. Poor and/or Loose Contact – Remove all cartridges and switch off the printer before reinstall the cartridge base on instruction shown on the computer screen or LCD display.

   2. Did not follow Instruction shown on LCD Display – Brother printer program is very sensitive; once user did not follow cartridge installation procedure sensor cannot detect new cartridge installation. Need to remove, switch off before reinstall as per the LCD display instruction shown, similar to item 1 above. The sensor is located inside printer, as the cartridge does not consist of any chip set on it.

   3. Cartridge Chip Set Poor Contact or Tarnished – Use tissue or rubber to rub hard on the chip set before reinstall. Ensure the copper pads are shiny and not dull in color.

   4. Chip Set need to Reset – For use on Epson’s cartridge model once refill and/or remove continuously numerous times the chip set might be faulty. Need programmer to reset before reuse. Programmer is available in the open market for certain specific model only.

   5. Chip Set recycle from Old Empty Cartridge – Cartridge is new but chip set is old that need to reset by programmer and/or need to replace by new chip set.

   6. Yellow Label did not remove and/or Transparent Tape Intact and cover the Bleeding HoleNeed to remove Yellow Label before use. Ensure tape is totally removed otherwise ink cannot flow to print head. Use a sharp pointer or tooth pick to poke the hole or cut open the slot.

   7. Cartridge’s Nozzle did not poke through Totally – Spring-loaded lever might loosen due to wear and tear situation. Use your finger to press it downward or push inward into the cartridge holder (Nozzle portion) before lowering the spring lever.

   8. Nozzle Cover been removed, tamper with and/or Nozzle been broken before installation - Cartridge is Plug and Play format, do not remove anything before installation, result in ink leakage and chip set cannot be detected that might affect the printer system.

   9. New Driver Printer Program Setting – Printers’ Manufacturers change, alter, modify, amend, add on, update, improvise, improve and/or supercede with new and latest version of program and system. Result in incompatible, dysfunctional, inoperative, system failure, bugs and undetectable signals from the chip set etc.

  10. Purchase Wrong Cartridge Model – Unable to fix and/or install correctly.

  11. Waste ink is Full and/or Error, need to reset before reuse – It happen on Canon printer model, need to remove waste ink. Example the method of removal as shown on URL at for your reference and self-explanatory.  

  12. Chip Set Sensor FaultyChip set consist of Two portion – Sender (Cartridge’s Chip) and Receiver (Printer’s Chip), Nippon-ink’s Technician need to check, verify, clarify, remedy, rectify, educate and explain to User before any changes and replacement take place otherwise exchanging with new replacement cartridge cannot solve the problem.

  13. User’s Product Limitation, Awareness and/or Knowledge of Application and Functionality – Nippon-ink will educate, explain and clarify the situation to the best of our knowledge.

  14. Print Head Clog, Block and Dirt Harden – Dirt accumulated from Paper Media mix with ink to form stain once dried and harden – unable to produce quality print.

  15. Printer Mechanism and Software Faulty – Nippon-ink only responsible for our cartridge and nothing related to printer mechanism, software and/or operation. Example, the printer driver file corrupted or User did not downloaded the correct version like Window is using Vista while the printer driver is XP version result in intermittent.

 16. Cartridge been used and found Empty – Empty cartridge is not a faulty cartridge and shall not be replaced nor for exchange.

 17. Did not do Print Head Cleaning and Nozzle Check process (Either does not know, ignorant, and/or refuse to do) – After cleaning it works. First time User needs to clean and purge old residue ink due to different ink formula that might cause static charge. Once clean all the ink is align and charge accordingly. Prefer to us new cartridge for cleaning because low ink level does not have enough pressure to purge the dirt from the print head. If after 2 or 3 times cleaning process still unsuccessful, let it soak overnight before repeat the cleaning process.

 18. Cartridge did not belong to Nippon-ink – Nippon-ink cartridge has label on each individual cartridge while others compatibles have generic label (without their brand name specified on the cartridge) except on the box (externally) only.

 19. Refill Cartridge without Programmer to Reset – Chip set needs to reset or replace before reuse, like Epson cartridge model. Without such Programmer even fully refilled the cartridge the chip set still show zero or no ink status and the printer unable to operate.

 20. Machine LCD state “End of Life – The machine was lock off by the printer program set by the printer manufacturer from the date the machine been produced and manufactured. Base on a certain number of years and/or base on number of copies been printed it will cut off and become inoperative until the respective Printer Service Center reset it.

 21. Either User’s overfill the Cartridge or Cartridge is faulty that causes leakage and/or it mix with other Color – Refill the correct amount and use cleaning process to purge out excess ink till it back to normal. After refilling if the ink leak from the nozzle directly like droplet continuously it confirm the internally nozzle seal is faulty that need to replace by new original cartridge before recycling and reuse the cartridge.

 22. Cable and Accessories Problem – User should use USB cable instead of Parallel Port cable. It might due to the speed and memory data storage transfer issue that cause it to slow down or data unable to transfer over for printing process due to conflict as both cables are connected at the same time. Another possibility might be cable and/or USB Port faulty – Remedy ActionChange the cable and/or port for confirmation.

 23. User did not do Periodic Maintenance – Need to use software cleaning and physical cleaning on the Print Head, like Canon model the Print Head is removal. Do not let the Print Head dried up by replacing cartridge immediately once indicated no ink. Do not remove cartridge from holder and expose for a long period of time result in dried print head that cause clog and blockage. Example, For low frequency user at least once a month to clean and purge the print head. For heavy frequency user need to clean and purge the dirt after your last print copy.


Q3) When call for printing, nothing comes out, what happen?


A3) There are many other factors that causes it, like (9 reasons):


   1. No Power Supply, Switch was in "Off" position and/or loose and poor cable connection inclusive ports and other accessories faulty – Check connection, change ports position and /or replace cables and accessories to confirm.

   2. Printer’s Driver Corrupted, Faulty or contain Virus, ensure Driver loaded base on Recommended instead of Custom and updated to the correct version – Uninstall and reinstall Driver base on Recommended, while Custom might has some Files format not listed inside. Another incident is the Window is Vista and printer Driver program is XP that might have conflict and cause intermittent – false alarm.

   3. User’s Computer Hardware and/or Software Faulty or Corrupted by Virus – Uninstall and reinstall the respective systems and install virus protection software.

   4. Printer’s Mechanism and/or Component Failure – Send for repair and/or replacement of the respective faulty components.

   5. Paper Jam and/or Roller Mechanism Jam – Remove jam and check nothing struck in between the roller mechanism and rubber roller is not worn out.

   6. Printer Red light indicator blinking – This indicate problem on the printer, need to identify the root cause before use.

   7. Printer Red Light not "On" but Computer Screen shown "Printer no Response or Connection Problem" – Need to uninstall and reinstall Driver and/or change the Parallel Port Cable to USB Cable due to speed and memory data transfer problem that causes the ink level disappear and/or slow in response.

   8. Print Head Clog, Block and Harden or Damage – Subject to wear and tear situation, causes by dirt accumulation from Paper Media mix with ink thereafter it dried and harden to form stain that clog and block the holes in the print head.

   9. Ink Cartridge Faulty and/or Empty Cartridge – Printer manufacturer set the program system to cut off at certain threshold ink level to protect the print head been dried and harden. Such action is beyond the control of Nippon-ink. For detail explanation refer to other FAQ.


Note: Nippon-ink reserves the right not to replacement any cartridge found empty unless proven by User on it causes.


Q4) Printout fades smears, smudge or have patches of ink?


A4) Printing fade, unclear, no ink etc might cause by print head clog issue or User does not charge and do cleaning process. For smears, smudge or patches of ink might due to residue old ink chemically unable to match with the new ink and no cleaning process been carried out. It only happens at the beginning stage and back to normal after few prints. Another possibility is due to dye ink base compare with pigment ink base.


Q5) Suspect inks dries without any printing process, like "Ink Out or Empty"?


A5) There are many factor causes the ink to dry, like (6 reasons):


   1. Printer was on at all the times and link directly to Computer System – Whenever the computer is on and off by Users the printer start to spray ink on the print head. The purpose is to wet the print head but drain away the ink without any actual usage consumption. Remedy Action - Switch the printer to "Off" position or remove the USB and/or Power Cord.

   2. Printer environment is "Hot" or place near to Window under direct Sunlight – Ink evaporates due to heat even without any usage. Place on a cool environment at room temperature.

   3. Continuous Cleaning Process – Once you clean twice and the nozzle check shown holes block leave it there to soak the print head for a while before doing the next cleaning and nozzle check otherwise ink level will drop to empty very fast.

   4. Cleaning at "Economical" instead of "Deep" Cleaning – For clog situation we should use "Deep" cleaning to purge the dirt while "Economical" cleaning does not have the power to purge the dirt from the holes of the print head.

   5. Type of Paper Media Used – Example normal paper uses more ink than Inkjet and Glossy. Need to understand the Picture Resolution, Printer Setting and the Coverage Print Copy. For more detail explanation please refer to other FAQ explanation shown on the web.

   6. China’s Manufacturer Ink Formula – Might cause by evaporation of chemical and paper absorption rate that might be different due to quality print level.


Note: Nippon-ink use imported USA ink and refine them by factory to owe it formula. China ink is local ink solution mix from raw material locally.


Q6) Printout colors different from the color shown on the screen?


A6) The color which shown on the computer monitor screen is slightly different the actual print copies because of the lighting issue. Example by putting the print copy under the spotlight and under normal environment you can see there is a different. Why? The lighting play a part in the color migration that causes the differentiation.


Q7) What happen if User insist to change on the spot?


A7) Do not change with User without our knowledge, consent and approval to prevent bogus complaint or false alarm. Even when the printer is under warranty user has to carry in during office hour and wait for Service Center to confirm their finding. Nippon-ink needs to fix appointment with User before Technician visits on site. User who reject, refuse, decline, disagree, disallow and/or stop us from checking, verification and confirmation might be bogus. Nippon-ink shall reserve their comment, service, troubleshooting and advice. This does not indicate that Nippon-ink did not want to service the User as it beyond Nippon-ink control. Even when User launches official complaint to the relevant Authority, the Authority shall allow Nippon-ink to check, verify and confirm before Nippon-ink response to the claim of comments.


Q8) What happen when the Original claims to void User Warranty for using Nippon-ink cartridges?


A8) Refer to explanation stated on “Original claims to Void User Warranty” stated on the web.


Q9) Since it stated it against the Anti-Competition Act 2004, why the Original still void the User’s Warranty?


A9) Most of the Users will unaware of such Consumer Protection Clause, Like Anti-Competition Acts 2004 and some do not bother as the cost of amount is low and User do not want to get involve in such incident. Thus the Original might use these tactic to explore the User weakness to suit their benefits. Nippon-ink advice User to stand firms and fights for the Rights. Do not let the Original to monopolize the market by setting high prices. Nippon-ink advice Users to Support, Purchase and Use Nippon-ink Cartridges in order to Save Cost. 


Support – Purchase – Use - Nippon-ink Cartridge


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