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Why Inkjet Print Head Clog & Block?


1)      Need to know and understand how the Inkjet printer works and it simple User Periodic Maintenance. Like:

a)      Low Frequency User – at least once a month does a Print Head Cleaning process.

b)      High Frequency User – Do Print Head Cleaning process after the last copy print. The purpose is to ensure dirt do not accumulate and dried up result in blockage.

c)      Before Photo Printing Process – Check and Clean Print Head till it in good working condition before actual printing. To prevent wastage, frustration and poor print quality.

d)      Environment and Location – Do not place printer under direct Sunlight, high Temperature, high Humidity and/or Dusty and Dirty area. The purpose is to prevent ink evaporation, complaint of ink dried up very fast and/or print head clog issues.

e)      Do not leave Cartridge Holder empty or without any cartridge been installed (Removed) – Once cartridge been removed for prolong period, the print head can dry due to direct expose condition therefore user must install and replace cartridge immediately.

f)        Ink Consumption – Please switch off printer if not in use. When computer is switch on and off the printer will spray ink to wet the nozzle. Thus ink is consume when printer is “idle” unless printer is in off position. The purpose is to prevent User’s complaint on faulty cartridge, like dry cartridge, empty cartridge, false alarm on ink level, Factory less ink input and/or less print copies (short change) etc.

g)      Input Ink Capacity – Equivalent to Original Standard Volume Capacity without sponge unless those sponge type factory need to input more because average 50% (minimum 30%) been absorbed and hold back by the sponge as unusable residue ink. Since the ISO Standard of Testing and Measurement is base on standard Output Print copies. 

h)      Vacuum Packed Cartridge – Do not open the package unless intend to use and install into printer. Once open ink will evaporate even when not in use. All vacuum packed cartridges can last for at least 2 years in cool environment condition. Whereas Nippon-ink limited warranty base on one year (12 months) from the date of purchase.

i)        Nippon-ink Label – All Nippon-ink cartridges have label on it. Once Nippon-ink label been removed and/or dispose off, warranty shall be void unless otherwise proven.


2)      Simple Trouble-Shooting Process and Fault Finding by User:

a)      Review the Message shown – Check the message shown on the LCD screen of the printer and/or computer screen. Follow the instruction given do not ignore it. Example Brother’s printer on cartridge replacement – Instruction given “Install Black Cartridge” do not install any other color cartridge result in Black cartridge shown “Empty” although it new and full on ink. In such situation, switch off the printer for 3 minutes to erase the past memory. Open the cover and remove all the ink cartridges. Once switch on follow the instruction shown on the LCD screen of the printer and follow the instruction stated accordingly. Even using Original cartridge encountered similar problem in doubts please refer to Brother’s web URL for your reference and self-explanatory:〈=en∏=dcp110c_eu_as&Cat=7

b)      Remove Yellow Label before installation to printer – Ensure Yellow Label tape is totally removed otherwise ink unable to flow from Nozzle to Print Head – False Alarm. In case transparent tape still intact that cover the Bleeding Hole. Please use a sharp pointer to poke it and/or remove the tape before reinstall into the printer.

c)      Any Cartridge Color ink level is Low – Printer Manufacturer set the program that any cartridge ink level is low the entire machine becomes inoperative. The ink inside the cartridge cannot be use up totally as the program set by manufacturer to cut off the operation at a certain specify threshold level base on estimation. It has nothing to do with the cartridge and/or claim as faulty cartridge. Example: The threshold level is set and control by the program written by the Printer Manufacturer. Quoted "Understand from consumer point of view that this is a technological disadvantage but it can be a technological advantage as it helps to protect the print head from been dried as most of the consumer does not replace the cartridge immediately once the printer stop printing. While the Chip set on the cartridge is used to determine the ink level only. The stoppage of printing and to indicate the cartridge is empty is control by the printer software program". Translated from the Press release dated 18 July 2003 which was extracted from the Epson website URL:  under the Title : "Advice against Epson’s Inkjet Printer Called off" While Brother’s FAQ website state, "Why does the LCD on my Machine say "Ink Empty" when there are still ink remaining" @

d)      Improper cartridge installation and/or loose connection – Check the cables and/or USB port that they are in working condition. Ensure the cartridge is properly fitted and push in. Check the computer screen main page to identify the actual root cause.

e)      Do not rely on the Red Light indicator of the printer – Anything happen the red light appear, example ink cartridge level low, Chip set problem, paper jam, driver program corrupted etc. Therefore need to view the computer screen main page to identify the actual root cause before any rectification been done or carried out.

f)        Install wrong color cartridge into the color chamber or holder – Each color chip set is different and once wrongly installed chip set might be damaged, faulty and unable to detect and use. Worst case the ink might be mixed and the color combination is wrong.

g)      Printer main page unable to shown actual ink color (All gray color) – Suspect your USB cable is either not connected, loose and/or port is faulty result in no signal able to transmit to the computer monitor screen. Another incident might be User Window software is Vista and the Printer Driver CD is XP version result in intermittent or file corrupted. In such situation User must download the latest Vista Printer Driver version from the respective Printer Manufacturer Web.

h)      Computer Screen indicate Chip Cartridge “X” – Remove the indicated cartridge, use a tissue to rub on the chip set and shake it before reinstall. The purpose is to erase the past memory. If the chip set still indicate “X” please contact Nippon-ink directly at Tel: 6382-1229; Fax: 6382-0698; Email: we will instruct our staff to verify before replacement.


3)      Need to understand the inkjet printer design on it print head application and functionality. Every manufacturer and brand might use different method of their patent design with their own unique specialty that can perform a better job done.

a)      For reference and self-explanatory refer to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia at web URL:

b)      Base on Inventor Patent Drawing and Specification – Printer Manufacturer try to solve the Print Head clogging and blockage problem by incorporating certain systems and methods as “Built-in” in the inkjet printer. Example USA Patent Number 450078 – Automatic nozzle cleaning system for ink ejection printer; USA Patent Number 4149172 – Ink supply system for piezo electrically operated printing jet etc. It also explain on item (a) above by Wikipedia. 

c)      Base on General Terms and Explanation on our own Understanding and Opinion – the Print Head might has a cap to close it when not in use and it might incorporate suction tube to clear dirt fibers from Paper Media. The wiper is also incorporated to clean away the dirt during printing process. This indicates that the Inventor, Designer and Manufacturer already knows about the print head clog and blockage issue but do not want to highlight to User and keep it as low profile on this information. Worst, some Original pushes the blame to Nippon-ink cartridges by making General Statement and Remarks without any supporting proof and evidences given.

d)      Wear and Tear Situation – after certain usage and period the mechanism might not be so efficient and effective as “new” condition result in certain area might cause leakage. Result in clog cause by ink mixed with paper media fibers upon dried up and harden.

e)      Original claim that Nippon-ink Cartridge spoil the Print Head – Why 100% using Original cartridges, User still encounter similar print head clog problem? It a sales gimmick to protect and defend their own market shares by putting the blames on others. This is part of their sales and marketing strategy yet they unable to show proofs and evidences. Such general statement and remarks can be considered as “Defamation”.  User can launch the complaint to CASE, Ministry of Trade & Industries (MTI) and/or Competition of Commission of Singapore (CCS) for immediate clarification, verification, action and/or investigation. For more detail explanation please refer to “Original Void Warranty” on Nippon-ink’s Web.  


4)      User need to understand and take preventive measures and precautions as follow:

a)      Set a Periodic Maintenance Procedure.

b)      Clean, cover and off the printer when not in use.

c)      Preferable to use Inkjet and/or Glossy paper instead of normal paper without chemical treatment that consists of fine fiber powder.

d)      To proof normal paper consist of fine fiber powder – Do a simple experiment, use a new cloth to wipe every single sheet of normal paper continuously for at least 25 sheets. Thereafter check your cloth, you should see fine fiber powder on the cloth, Why?

e)      Do not remove the cartridge from the holder and leave the print head expose to air for a long period of time. It will cause the print head dried and harden. Leave the “empty” cartridge till you ready to change and replace by new cartridge.    


5)      Proper Cleaning and Checking Procedure for Print Head clog issue:

a)      Check and print the nozzle check copy - once clog proceeds with software cleaning process. Repeat another nozzle check copy for comparison. If there is no improvement do another software cleaning process and compare the 3 results. Refer to item c below.

b)      Do not do continuous cleaning as it waste a lot of ink and feel more frustration because the clog need time to dissolve by soaking it. Be patient and cool.

c)      Assume the third result is better than the rest but still Unsatisfactory. Leave it overnight for about a day before you do the next software cleaning process. The purpose is to let the ink soak and soften the clogged before purging it out on the following day.

d)      Assume after one day the print copy still Unsatisfactory. Chances is that the clog might be either cause by stubborn stain or the hole been fused together due to the heat generated when the cartridge was empty. In such incident it not economical to repair.

e)      Once confirm okay – ensure you do your Periodic Maintenance regularly.    


6)      Nippon-ink has certain constraint, restriction and limitation as we only supply the cartridge and not the printer machine. Since the Print Head is “Built-in” and Nippon-ink unable to access and it not economical to repair due to current new printer cost is must lower than the repair cost. Moreover those “Built-in” Print Head Nippon-ink unable to supply due to patent and copyright infringement issue. Eventually Nippon-ink supply Refill Ink Kit set to overcome such problem. Nippon-ink also provides Cleaning Solution to clear the Print Head clog and blockage problem to the best of our knowledge.


7)      Original claim to void printer warranty once confirm Nippon-ink and/or Refill Ink been used. In such situation, User can launch the complaint to CASE, Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and/or Competition of Commission of Singapore (CCS) for action and remedy. The original has no rights to void the warranty and is against the Laws:

a)      In Singapore – breach the Anti-Competition Acts 2004 Division 2 Section 34 for preventing, restricting and distorting competition and Division 3 Section 47 for abuse of dominant position. Refer to web URL:

b)      In USA – breach of Clayton Antitrust Act (1914) Section 13, 14 19 to 27. Others information like (Quoted) MAGNUSON-MOSS; Warranty Improvement Act; United States Code Annotated; United States Code Annotated; Chapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties 15 Section 2302;  (Quoted) U.S. law also prohibits the manufacturers of your equipment from requiring the use of OEM ink or toner or charging extra fees if you use products other than OEM products with their equipment. Those requirements and/or fees are in violation of existing anti-trust acts. The Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts (see also: Supreme Court decision: IBM vs. The United States 1936) and ; IBM vs. The United States (Quoted) - The Supreme Court (IBM vs. The United States) held that IBM could not threaten customers with termination of their data processing equipment leases just because they did not use supplies manufactured by IBM. Such practice constituted a tying agreement and was found to be in violation of the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Law. Infromation extracted from the web URL:

c)      In Canada – refer to web URL

d)      In United Kingdom (UK) – refer to web URL:

e)      Information quoted on Epson’s FAQ web: Q: Can the Epson ink cartridges be refilled or can 3rd party ink cartridges be used without voiding the warranty? Answer: Epson does not recommend refilling ink cartridges or using 3rd party ink cartridges. Using these products will not void the product’s original warranty; however, if these 3rd party products cause a failure, the repair of that failure will not be covered under warranty. (Unquote) Information extracted from the web URL:


The purpose, intention and motive of this Case Study Explanation is to proof that such information been verbally release through rumor to Users is Totally Untrue, False and cannot stand without proper proofs and/or supportive evidences. Nippon-ink motive and intention is to clarify the matter and stop any untrue and false rumors, remarks and/or comments been spread in the open market intentional by other jealousy competitors.


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