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  Nippon-ink Inkjet Cartridge & Ink Cartridge for use on Brother, Canon, Epson Printer Dell, HP, Lexmark, Samsung etc. Laser Toner & Drums As Well As Remanufactured Laser Toners for S
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The Refill ink method and demonstration is for User to understand and DIY (Do-It-Yourself). The respective Original OEM Brands did not support, approved nor endorsed it. User is doing at his or her own risk and fully responsiblity (take ownership) for whatsoever decision and/or action taken. Nippon-ink supply the Ink Solution with accessories is bound by limited liability due to certain constraint, limitation and/or restriction beyond Nippon-ink control and boundary. All other Rights reserved.



Brother Cleaning Instruction and Procedure

Before Installation into Printer

  1. Read, agree and accept instructions stated on the box before opening the plastic seal.

  2. Once plastic seal is open, good is considers sold and accepted by user.

  3. No refund and exchange is allows unless due to quality issue been verified and confirmed by Nippon-ink’s Technician or staff.

  4. Remove Yellow label on cartridge top before installing into the printer.

  5. Nippon-ink’s Cartridge Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions is clearly stated on the web at

  6. Void of Warranty – Refer to CASE and/or Ministry of Trade and Industries (MTI) web at under the Competition Act 2004 Division 2 Section 34 Clause 1 & 2 for your reference and self-explanation. Take note that your contract is between User (Yourself) and the Printer Manufacturer (Seller). Any grievance and/or disagreement please direct and consult CASE and/or MTI for clarification and action.

  7. Take note that Manufacturer Printer Warranty does not cover Consumable like cartridges, which is stated on the Warranty Card by the manufacturer.

  8. This is not a genuine Brother cartridge as it does not belong, associate, support, related and/or endorsed by Brother in whatsoever manner but is compatible can be used.

After Installation into Printer

  1. Follow the manufacturer and Printer Wizard instruction shown on the PC or printer's small LCD screen to initiate the process step by step accordingly. Any skip might affect printer function and operation.

  2. Push the cartridge into the correct chamber of the holder till you hear “Click” sound (there is a small white pin to secure the position of the cartridge).

  3. There will be some old residue ink balance inside the print head thus user must perform cleaning process from the machine directly. Press “Ink Management” button on the printer and select “Cleaning” which showing on the LCD and press “Menu/Set” to select it. The LCD indicates “Black, Color or All” select “All” (depend on which color affected) press “Menu/Set” or “Start” to activate cleaning process. Once completed, choose “Print Quality” under the “Ink Management” to print nozzle check result and the LCD will indicates “Yes / No” to let the user choose (by number) whether the print out is fine or not. Press "Yes" if the print out is fine. Press "No" if the print out is not good and the machine will do cleaning process and repeat the cycle again. 

  4. The printout is either in dotted line or full rectangular patch. Any block holes will have missing dotted lines or blanks missing line in order of Black, Cyan, Yellow and Magenta. .

  5. For minor clog and blockage, soak the full inkjet cartridge for an hour before you do another cleaning process and compare the result. Hopefully printout quality can improve otherwise need to send in for servicing on the print head.

  6. Take note that Brother Print Head is built-in, which is unable to remove by unauthorized personnel. Example refers to Brother FAQ problems and the answers were hyperlink to Brother Solution Centre for your reference and self-explanatory.

  7. This indicates the cartridge is in working condition as the print head subject to wear and tear situation that require periodic maintenance by user (DIY). Even user 100% using original encounter similar problem and original Service Center will charge you accordingly.

  8. Recommendation – High Frequency User – Clean after last copy print and Low Frequency User – Clean once a month to prevent print head dried and hardens. Need to change and replace cartridge immediately once it indicate empty.

  9. To prevent ink wastage, switch off printer when not in use and do not place near any hot or warm environment result in ink evaporation by nature.

  10. In case of any Technical and Quality issue please contact us at Tel : 6382-1229; Fax : 6382-0698; Email : and/or URL :

Nippon-ink Guarantee High Quality with Optimal Printout & Maximized Ink Capacity.

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