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Important Message for Inkjet Refill User


Attention: All Consumers & Inkjet Users


1) For Use on Canon’s Cartridge Number PGI 05 (Black) and CLI 08 Series (All Color) – Do not Refill unless you able to reset the Chip Set otherwise the printer still indicate “Empty” although User had fully refilled it.


The printer was locked off by the software program causing the Chip set on the cartridge as “Empty” i.e. been used completely. Eventually User need to reset or change the Chip set before the printer can operate and recognize the Chip set program as “Full”.  


User computer screen may appear a dialog to indicate the respective cartridge as “Empty or Low Ink” just click “OK or Yes” to continue. Do not click “Back or Cancel” it will not operate. Later look out for the Paper Feeder Button, if not available look for “Stop / Reset” Button. Press it and hold there for at least 5 seconds before releasing it. Another dialog appears as printing in process.


Note: Even after reset the Chip set remains as “Empty” but able to print. User needs to monitor the ink level of each color physically due to printer unable to detect it.


Without such knowledge, capability and ability please do not refill the cartridges.


2) For Use on HP’s Cartridge Number HP 02 Series (All Color) – Do not refill the cartridge. This printer program is very sensitive and strictly controls by the software program. Once the Chip set indicate “Empty” and User did not refill immediately the printer might cut off the operation as “Ink System Failure” which need to reset the whole program before printer can function. The reset of the program might need to be done by the HP Service Center.


User can try to reset the printer “Twice” by Pressing and holding on the “Reset” button for more than 5 seconds before releasing it. Later remove all the cartridges and off the power switch for 5 minutes before switching it on and replace the cartridges accordingly. Repeat this step again for the second times. If still unable to remove the errors, try another method stated below:


1. There's a "secret" menu, which you enter by pressing the "<" (left) button and the "Settings" button at the same time.

2. You move through the menu with <, >, X and OK buttons.

3. Enter the menu, press OK (something like "Support R0631M" should appear).

4. Scroll to "System Configuration Menu" and choose "Hardware Failure Status", press OK, and "Press OK to clear". You will be prompted that the status were cleared and the printer may buzz for a while, possibly adjusting the inks or something.

5. NOTE: The procedure above is actually the standard way of dealing with the "Ink system has failed. Error:0xc18a0001" thing. ->


Whatever methods stated above is only for discussion through experiences. User can apply and use it at his or her own risks. Nippon-ink shall not be responsible for any errors occur.


Nippon-ink does not encourage User to refill the above stated cartridges unless Users are aware, knowledgeable, capable and able to reset the Chip set program from the cartridge and/or from the printer program etc. 


Nippon-ink sell new compatible cartridges with Chip set i.e. plug and play format.

Disclaimer Clause: All brand name, logo, trademark, picture, part number, design, patent, copyright and technology belong to the respective owners. It uses for description, illustration, comparison and explanation purpose only. Nippon-ink is not genuine OEM Original cartridge but compatible and does not belong, related, supported nor endorsed by any OEM Original brands. Like Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Samsung etc. All other Rights reserved.      


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