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Nippon-ink Inkjet Cartridge | Ink Cartridge | Refill ink | Laser Toner | Drums
 Nippon-ink Inkjet Cartridge | Ink Cartridge | Refill ink | Laser Toner | Drums Advanced Search
  Nippon-ink Inkjet Cartridge & Ink Cartridge for use on Brother, Canon, Epson Printer Dell, HP, Lexmark, Samsung etc. Laser Toner & Drums As Well As Remanufactured Laser Toners for S
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Why Pay More? You Can Save!

Original Price is High - Monopolize Set Entry Barrier


Others Competitors Brands - Reasons:

  1. High Price - Mark-up and/or Higher Commission to Dealers.
  2. Risk Factor - Copy version might encounter??????
  3. Questionable - Picture shown on Box is different from Actual Cartridge - Why? Suspect Monkey Business.
  4. Inferior Quality - Using localize ink formula.
  5. Claim Higher Input of Ink Capacity (Sales Talk) - Using Upper Limit instead of Nominal Value i.e. Upper Limit 18ml; Nominal Value 17 +/- ml.
  6. Mass Production by Generic Label - Brand and Logo Shown on Box display: Actual Cartridge does not have any brand label, Why?
  7. Hit & Run Business Tactic - Driven by Price factor without or no Technical Support on After Sales Services.

Nippon-ink Cartridges consist of:

  1. Product Differentiation - Factory owes Patent, Design and Technology.
  2. Price Standardization - Uniform Pricing throughout Singapore.
  3. Benchmark Original - Some Designs are Spongless with more or equivalent ink Capacity of the Original contain.
  4. Spongless cartridge contains more usable ink than sponge type - Sponge residual threshold ink level, estimated 30%. Example Drink with ice and without ice, which one contain more?
  5. Limited Warranty Assurance - 12 months from date purchase.
  6. Quality Control and Assurance - Raw Ink Solution from USA but refine by R&D to develop own Ink Formula.
  7. TQM, TCS & ISO 9001 - After Sales Technical Support Services.
  8. Convenience, Availability and Accessibility - Within Walking distance of Local Town Centre and/or Internet.
  9. Value for Money - Reasonable Price and Quality.


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